HealthLife’s approach is unique being de facto a family business – we apply the most advanced technology and methods to care for our patients. We strive for continuous advancement and invest heavily in medical personnel, who are world-class in training and application of their knowledge. Our patients have access to the latest achievements in the sphere of genomics and proteomics and receive consultations and support from the world class experts because of our exclusive, international network.

HealthLife’s main concern is the good health and high quality of life for all of our patients. I am very grateful to all our patients, doctors, consultants and medical partners for their longstanding trust, understanding and support.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and support health of our patients, so they can extend and enrich their lives.

Our approach is characterized by preventive measures, timely treatment and personalized health care for those who want to stay healthy.

Elena Riabokon, M.D., PhD
Executive Director