About Us

HealthLife Family Clinic has been operating in Ukraine since 2002 and is a member of the international group RCLIN®. Our clinic is a provider of personalized medical services.

Personalized medicine is a philosophy emphasizing the systematic treatment of each individual patient, profound examination of the patient’s medical history and individual approach to select or optimize that patient’s preventative and therapeutic care. HealthLife extensively applies the latest achievements of the genomics and proteomics (studies the proteins and their interactions in the human body) sciences and collaborates with the leading scientific and research centers in the United States and Europe.

Our clinic’s doctors select the optimal treatment protocol for each individual patient identifing the cause and also preventing complications and eliminating the risk of prescribing an ineffective treatments. Thus, the health problems are addressed promptly and effectively.

Our clinic applies the latest achievements of the international methods, which are being regularly revised to detect and identify genetic predisposition of patients as early as possible.

The clinic provides out- and in-patient care, laboratory and diagnostic services on the basis of its own laboratory, emergency, acute care and evacuation.